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16 janvier 2014 4 16 /01 /janvier /2014 10:20

Finding the correct name for your baby can prove to be quite a tricky proposition indeed! In India people wait for the baby to be born, and then scramble to search for a name for their child! This is unlike western countries, where parents do some planning and spend some quality time zeroing in on the right name months before their baby is born!

Anyways, here are some tips that will help you find just the right name for your little one!

1.) SPEND SOME TIME WITH YOUR SPOUSE: It is always advisable to spend some time in searching for good Indian names with your spouse, rather than doing it alone. If your partner is not too tuned into researching for names on the internet, you could plan to get some print-outs of all the names shortlisted by you so that both of you can search through them.

2.) SHORTLIST: Do not pick just one name. It is always better to assemble a list of options, so that you can pick and choose the best one from them. And never settle for a name that you liked just because your neighbor’s daughter sports it or because your boss’s son is called so!

3.) TRY TO KEEP THE SILLY ONES OUT: It is better to refrain from giving your child a nick name that is short but equally silly! Jojo, for instance, or even Bittoo! Short names tend to stick, and nick names can remain with your child for life. So while nick names sound cute, especially when your baby is small, try to avoid giving your baby a nick name. Instead, try to dedicate some time in this effort and you could come up with some really nice names for your baby!


It is quite common for most communities across the Indian sub-continent to choose names for their baby based on the rashi system. In Indian astrology, the zodiac is sub-divided into 12 equal parts, and this division is called a Rashi.

There are 12 houses or Rashis:

KARKA:  for babies born in the English Zodiac sign of Cancer

The alphabets D and H are associated with this Rashi; boys and girls born between the period of June 21 and July 22 are given names starting from D and H.

Some popular names for baby boys who are born in the Karka Rashi are:

Baby boy names starting with the alphabet D :
Daanish, Daivick, Daksh, Dakshak, Daivam, Darshil, Darpak, Darpan, Dev, Deb, Debanshu, Deep, Deepak, Deepansh, Deeptoman, Devang, Devarya, Devya,

Baby boy names starting with the alphabet H:

Haarish, Haneesh, Hanush, Hardik, Harditya, Harbir, Haren, Hareeth, Hardit, Harman, Haroun, Harsh, Harsheel, Harshit,

Baby girl names starting with the alphabet D :

Daina, Darshana, Dapanshi, Darshini, Damyaa, Deekshana, Deepa, Deepal, Deepika, Deeya,Deveshi, Devashree, Dibyanshi, Diti, Dishita, Disha, Divi

Baby girl names starting with the alphabet H:

Hanshika, Hana, Harini, Harleen, Hanvita, Haripriya, Harshali, Harshaa, Harvii, Harneet, Harnoor, Hashrita, Haya, Hassini, Heer, Hia, Himaa, Henna,

For More Information : Indian Baby Names

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3 janvier 2014 5 03 /01 /janvier /2014 13:24
When a mother gives birth to her baby her life transforms into one sublimely beautiful experience for both herself and her spouse! Giving birth to a little one is one of life’s most uplifting moments; the next step of the journey begins when both the excited parents have to choose a name for their baby! This is indeed the first stage of the whole exciting world of parenting, when a good baby name has to be chosen. It cannot be taken lightly though, as the little one will have a name all of its own, and this name will remain with the infant for the rest of his or her life!

Finding A Suitable Baby Name

The search for a baby name is in itself a very satisfying process, and if it is planned well it can be a creative experience for both the parents. Nowadays parents like to spend some valuable time in doing some research – there are thousands of names available – especially Indian names. Indian baby names are usually derived from the ancient language that has been around in our country for centuries – Sanskrit – and if parents spend some time in digging through the treasure of names available they can come up with some really nice names.

Many times the new parents find themselves flooded with suggestions, advice and tips on finding the right name for their baby. The wise thing here would be to refrain from getting influenced but both parents should try and steer clear of all the clutter and remain focused on finding a name by themselves! Finding an apt baby name is a beautiful part of the entire journey of parenting and this should not be spoilt by family relatives or friends jumping on to the bandwagon and insisting that their advice be taken seriously!

Popular Baby Names

Although there are many baby names that are tremendously popular, parents should take into account some basic factors while drilling down to a baby name:
  • They could take their own names into consideration while selecting a name- for instance, if the mother’s name is Veena and the father’s name is Jayant, a nice name for a baby girl could be “Ravija”, or if it is a boy it could be “Veeyant”!
  • Parents could also keep the first alphabets of their names in mind – for instance, if both their names begin with the letter “S”, a suitable name for the child could also begin with the letter S.
  • The sibling’s name could also be taken into account heres - if, for example, the elder sister’s name is Ananyaa, then the younger baby’s name could be Anushka, if it is a girl. Both names sound rather nice together!

Top Indian Baby Names

There are some top Popular Indian Baby Names doing the rounds right now:

Top Indian Girl Names :

Navya, Twisha, Trisha, Saayli, Aradhya, Ishika, Behaag, Priyanka

Top Indian Boy Names :

Abhishek, Aarav, Arvaan, Dhruv, Geet, Om, Arnav, Aarya

For More Information : Indian Baby Names
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1 janvier 2014 3 01 /01 /janvier /2014 12:38
Working Women a boon or a curse
Today the world is very different than the one which is known to our ancestors. There was time when men work and women look into the household jobs.  But today as the market and industrial sector are growing, on the same pace its side effects, inflation and rising prices, are also growing. So to sustain the living one should be not just earning but earning more for a better living. This scenario created a situation where not just men work to feed the raising requirements and prices but also woman gives a helping hand to the men in the house. Hence it has become so much important to learn and earn in life and to become independent in today world. If one have to live a better living. It is like chain reaction, the more inflation in prices, the more it creates a necessity to earn a livelihood by doing some kind of job so that the future should be secured. But our world is not as easy as it seems to be. There are lots of challenges faced by working women as compared to working men.

Today, though the discrimination between man and woman has become trivial, but actually when it comes to the roles of working women, it gets difficult and challenging to debate on the same. Different people have different perceptions about what should be the priorities in the life of a working woman. Woman at work face various problems along with the good salary they are being paid.

To earn is today’s need hence the dilemmas of working women can’t be underestimated. There are lots of factors taken into consideration when a woman chooses to work.  The women who choose to work, in spite all the conditions and factors which forces her back, are laudable. They are paragon to our society.

Advantages of working women:

  • Working women are self dependent and can earn her and her children living without any dependency. They add to the income of the family and thus the life becomes easier. The bill’s also get paid easier.
  • They can help there better halves’ in supporting family finances and lessen the burden from the only people earning in the family.
  • They are the inspirations for the women, who cannot work because of society’s constraints. The orthodox people who think women should not work and just are subjected to the house work can convince them by providing knowledge about the pros of working women.
  • Working women becomes more responsible since they perfectly balance personal and professional lives and also they are respected in the society.
  • Working women’s personality enhances and they become confident when supporting the family and simultaneously helping children in home work, preparing food etc.
  • The creativity, professionalism and personality development in the woman can be improved and she comes out to be one is many.

Disadvantages of Working Women:

  • Sometimes working women didn’t get time to spend with family members. A child need’s to have at most company of the mother, which a working woman can’t give and at times becomes difficult.
  • Pressure of work and meeting deadlines can cause downfall in her health. Also there can be cases when she has to put some family commitment on hold due to work load and this can set a wave of anger and tiresome which sours her as well as family members mood.

For More Information :
Working Women
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12 juillet 2013 5 12 /07 /juillet /2013 15:50
Pregnancy is giving a life, every woman dreams about. It is almost important to take proper care of health during this period of one’s life. A healthy woman gives birth to a happy child. During pregnancy, it is very much important to maintain a record of week by week changes being occurred inside the body of the mother as well as in the baby. Though the changes are not very prominent in first few weeks, but 39th week is the time you can expect the arrival of baby, since this is sufficient enough for the complete development of baby inside the mother’s womb. Labour pain can be expected during this week as the baby is ready to be out landing in a new world. It is necessary to be accompanied by some elder person in home such as mother or mother in law, so that household tasks do not bother  the to-be mother. Here is some helpful information during 39th weeks of pregnant woman.

39 weeks pregnant, what to expect?

Changes in mother:
  • Nausea, back ache, mild swelling, heartburns, insomnia and difficulty in breathing are prominent during 39th week pregnancy. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if any one of the symptoms becomes unbearable. Consulting a doctor for a minute issue is advisable.
  • Now since the baby is fully developed, the baby is dropped into birth canal and cervix starts dilating. The inner walls of vegina become thick and smoother to help the baby come out.
  • Thick pale fluid starts discharging from mother’s body. This phenomenon  is the due to the shedding of the outer skin of the baby, since new skin start covering up the body of the infant in 39th week of pregnancy.
  • Pre- milk also starts leaking from the breasts and breast pads should be used to deal with this situation. The mother might suffer little pain in the breasts but it is worth for the child.
  • Mother gets tired quickly and finds it difficult to do day to day tasks such as changing clothes and lying on bed, do not worry, if the situation worsens please take advise from doctor. Read More...
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12 juillet 2013 5 12 /07 /juillet /2013 15:39
At this stage the baby is completely developed in mother womb, with lungs gaining volume and becoming strong enough to survive outside the womb. Also heart and brain are completely developed with heart beats with normal rate.

Normal baby weighs 7 to 8 pounds and around 20 inches in length.

Baby starts shedding old skin tissues and starts developing new skin cells. And also the fat begin to accumulate in baby’s body.

Baby takes the proper position in the cervix of mother’s womb. The mother is advised to go for regular sonography is advised so that any complication can be known at the early stage.

Useful tips to avoid complications

1.) Pay regular visits to your doctor who is treating you since your first week of pregnancy. He knows your file and quickly examines risks involved during 39th week of pregnancy.

2.) In 39th week of pregnancy auto travel should be avoided because at any moment labour can start. It is important to stay at home and when it becomes mandatory to  travel make sure either your husband or any elder person accompanies the mother.

3.) Spend some time with husband discussing about the requirements of the newborn baby and make sure to have all necessary accessories for the newborn baby. Read More...
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30 mai 2013 4 30 /05 /mai /2013 15:36
Thirty fourth week of pregnancy is one of the most precarious stages during the period the infant is in the mother’s womb. It is the stage in which major organs of baby are at development stage. At this stage mother should be very careful because this is the week in which the baby positions itself in her womb and survival chances increases when baby is born after 34th week of pregnancy, if everything is normal with the baby.  Although some complications may occur but these are short term, babies born after this period i.e pregnancy after 34th week acquire complete normal life in long terms and hardly makes any difference with the fully matured babies. The mother feels a lot of discomfort and heaviness. But this pain is worth for giving birth to a beautiful baby.

Changes in 34th week pregnant woman’s fetus:
Normally Baby in 34th week weights around 4 to 5 pounds, bones developed fully but still flexible with week joints.

The average length of 34th week baby is about 17 to 18 inches, fat begins to accumulate in baby’s body which helps in maintaining the body temperature when the baby is born.

Central nervous system and lungs have just finished development.

Changes in body of the mother:

The pressure in the lungs and the chest which was huge before the 34th week for the pregnant mother will reduce.

The fetus movement in 34th week towards the pelvis will lead little pain.  The bottom of the belly becomes sensitive and the tissues surrounding it become gentle.

Woman will expirence heartburn. Since the levels of the acids inside the body is imbalanced after each knock from the 34th week pregnant fetus woman are said to expirence heartburn’s. Read More...
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30 mai 2013 4 30 /05 /mai /2013 15:33

Body parts like the hands, face parts, legs, sides of the wists and feet bottom will start swelling. It is mandatory to contact the health advisory if the swelling is severe and if it is leading to dizziness, fainting and headache. Don’t worry and be patient as this phenomenon can be a reason of preeclampsia.

Because of retention of water swelling appears. The only way to get rid of it is just to drink more water. These symptoms disappear after the human pregnancy in 34th week is passed.

Tips from 34th week pregnancy India:

The solution for the heart burn during 34th pregnancy week is to eat seven to eight times a day rather than the daily routine of large meals of three times a day.

Remember the 34th week pregnant mother is carrying a life inside her.  Avoid wearing any kind of tight cloths which can be discomfort for the child or the mother. Loose, cloths of comfort or baggy clothes are advised.  This will be easy to go around, take a walk or rest on sofa.

If you want to go for a massage to reduce pains go for it. If your friends and family is around take help from them or find a massage center. This can help in reducing pain and swelling.

If you are a photography jerk. Go for it. This 34th week pregnancy development is the cutoff time for any kinds of photographs. The so called maternity photos. It gets hard to move the belli after the week is passed.

Stay away from cigarettes also smokers. This air can be harmful for the baby inside. Other things like alcohol, tobacco etc. should be avoided. Remember health is the prior thing to take care of. Read More...

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24 mai 2013 5 24 /05 /mai /2013 17:16
What is mundan?

Mundan or hair removal ceremony-India is a religious practice performed in all Hindu households wherein the child gets his/her first haircut. It is believed that the hair that the baby is born with carry traits from previous lives which have to be removed by shaving off the hair. Baby mundan is performed by almost all Hindu families, as well as some Muslim households for babies in the age range of of 0 to 3 years. This ceremony holds great spiritual significance as per the Vedas.

Significance of Mundan ceremony:

Mundan is believed to purify the child from the effects of his previous births. However, there are several beliefs surrounding the practicality of Mundan, which have been listed here. Mundan ceremony is performed for Hindus for the following reasons:

  • It is believed that one has to pass through 64 yonis to take birth as a human. Hence Mundan ceremony is essential to eliminate the unwanted traits of these previous births and purify the child to begin his life as a human.
  • It is also believed that Mundan enhances the flow of intelligence in the baby’s system and make him more knowledgeable from childhood.
  • Mundan protects the child from evil eyes and blesses him with a bright future and good fortune.
  • Shaving off the hair brings down the temperature and keeps the baby calm, especially during summer.
  • It improves growth and texture of hair.
  • The pains and headache experienced by the child during teething are also reduced. Read More...
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24 mai 2013 5 24 /05 /mai /2013 17:14

Many people are perplexed that when they can remove baby’s hair first time, as deciding the time for Mundan is very important. People ask questions regarding which date is good for baby first head hair removal to their family pundit. As per Hindu scriptures, the date for Mundan ceremony has to be during an odd year and odd month of baby’s life. Mundan must also be performed when the child is no more than 3 years, although not every household believes in this. The position of Sun and Moon are also crucial and a day is selected after proper consideration to these aspects.

How is Mundan performed?

All families have their own traditions regarding this ceremony. People invite their close friends and relatives to their home or some other convenient location. Many families prefer the venue to be a holy temple or banks of holy rivers like Ganga or Yamuna. If one s wondering about what are the religious places where first hair removal can be performed, famous temples or places of spiritual significance to the family can be chosen. The priests and relatives bless the child and Mundan ceremony gifts are given to the child, which may include toys, clothes, fruits, cash and jewellery for the child. The barber or hairdresser shaves off the child’s hair at the auspicious time as decided by the family pundit.

Mundan is known by different names in different communities and different parts of India. Mundan of girl child in Bangalore is a special rite which is a homely affair, like many other parts of the country. Good places for Mundan ceremony in Bangalore include Vekantesha Temple or Tirupati Temple, situated near Hosur. It depends on the family and their religious beliefs to choose an appropriate venue for this auspicious rite. Read More...

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21 mai 2013 2 21 /05 /mai /2013 14:40
It seems that your little bundle of joy that slept in your arms the other day has grown so fast, that it is time to start looking for a preschool. Parents have several apprehensions regarding the right age for play school and the preschool that they should opt for. Though play schools start accepting children at a very tender age, it is entirely up to the parents when they deem their child has reached the optimum age for play school. In the following section, we will cover some important facets of development that will help decide whether your child has reached the right age for nursery admission in India, as there is no hard and fast rule to abide by when it comes to determining the correct age for play school for your little one.

Questions one should discuss to determine the right age for preschool for their child:

In today’s age, parents do not have time with their tight working schedules and managing homes at the same time, so they think that admitting their child to a good preschool at the earliest is the best way out to ensure their child’s complete development. Sadly, this is not true. Most of the schools start accepting students when they are about 2.5 years of age, but a number of factors come into account when it comes to determining the right age for schooling in India, and simply thinking that the child has all the skills required to manage school activities at such an age is not the right approach.

Is the child independent:
most preschools require that the child is able to take care of himself to a certain extent, like being potty trained, sleeping on his own, and washing his hands before and after a meal. If not, the child needs to be trained before joining a preschool and thus that time, will not be the best age for playschool for such a child.

Separation issues:
if the child has not spent any time away from his parents, it is going to be a tough call determining what the correct age for preschool is for such a child. The child is going to have a tough time in adjusting himself to an all new surrounding without any familiar faces if it is first time in such a scenario.

Development of child’s imagination: a vital factor in deciding what is the right age for nursery admission is to assess whether your child has the basic knowledge of the world around him and is interested in doing craft and art work on his own. If the child is interested in exploring new items and solving puzzles, he is suitable for admission. If not, the parents can prepare their child for preschool by giving some time each day to the child. Read More...
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